Welcome to 43bsdvax.sanyalnet.lan.

This is a MicroVAX 3900 running 4.3 BSD UNIX Quasijarus.

This web page was served by a lightly modified version of David Egan's HTTP Server in C compiled with gcc VAX-DEC-BSD.

This is just one of the many hobbyist servers at SANYALnet Labs.

Here is a screenshot.

Deploying the Single Greatest Piece of Software Ever: BSD 4.3 on VAX. AIX, Solaris, MacOS X, iOS, watchOS, HP-UX, DEC Ultrix, Tru64 ... all are descendants in some form of BSD. #BSD #UNIX #VAX #Retrocomputinghttps://t.co/JBgp2j2wMX pic.twitter.com/oqbzioPLx0

— Supratim Sanyal (@OpenVMS_DECnet) April 2, 2019

Thanks for looking.

Supratim Sanyal