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Supratim Sanyal's Hobbyist Lab: Digital DECnet Windows Pathworks Pathworks-32


Welcome to WXPEE2.sanyalnet.lan. This is a Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit Workstation. It speaks both Internet Protocol (IP) and Digital Equipment Corporation's DECnet Phase IV protocol with other computers. It is part of the HECnet global hobbyist DECnet network.

Logo of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
DECnet via DEC (subsequently Compaq, now HP) Pathworks-32

SANYALnet Labs

That is just a name I have given my disorganized bunch of computers and electronics hobby projects; it is nebulous and does not really mean anything. Equivalent to "junk in the basement."

DECnet - MAC address - SCSSYSTEMID Calculator

Here is a DECnet administrator's tool in javascript: DECnet - MAC address - SCSSYSTEMID Calculator »


The hobbyist servers I play with and the services they provide are listed at my Freeshell / SDF Web Page.


Supratim Sanyal


This is a private hobbyist server with potentially everything being logged. There is absolutely no assurance of any kind whatsoever, no assumptions can be made about any sort of privacy, security, availability and retention of data. This generally applies to all my hobbyist servers mentioned here and elsewhere.